OWLS demnächst wieder im Skippertreff!

Singen beliebter Songs mit professioneller-                    musikalischer (live) Begleitung!

A long time ago, in a Galaxytreff far, far away...
It's not 1979 anymore.
The times, they are a'changing.
It will be a Hard Day's Night. Not even a sunday, bloody sunday. Not the Retour of the Jeudi. Just a wednesday.
I won't have time to shave and have a 3-Tage-Bart. Will feel like a Basket Case... But we will BEAT IT!
You will come on the stage and give the Best of You. It will make us Dream a Little Dream of You....Bitch.
I'll give All of Me. Ich werde Ein Lied für DICH singen!! It's gonna be a tribute, Katiusha!
But right now I feel like a Zombie. I'd better sit on a Lemon Tree. And please, Don't Speak. Just be quiet, Enjoy the Silence and let me eat my RaggaMuffin...
Then it will be a Wonderful World. I'll feel Aerials. Not like a Teenage Dirtbag anymore.
Plus now, I Got a Woman! So let's go to MOSKAU and play some of their Wicked Games...
It's Youth :)