The post apocalyptic OWLS

MITTWOCH, 15. SEPTEMBER 2021 VON 19:45h BIS 23:30h



(Stimmung beim lesen: play a synthwave song like Carpenter Brut "Anarchy Road").
It's been a freaking long time. We are 2021. The Rona destroyed any possible (social) life. Most of the population is ready to shoot on sight of a smile...
Some irreductible try to save humanity. To save what makes us... humans.
So. It's been a freaking long time. Many of you have asked "DUUUUDE COMUUUUUN DO THE OOOOWLS THING AGAIIIIN!!". And THAT really put some warmth in my hearts.
Of course there will be an Hygiene Concept, which we will quickly communicate:
- either we will organize it outside
- or inside with a maximum amount of Teilnehmehr (40 is reasonnable).
- Make sure to test yourself to Covid before you come! Please stay home if sick (or positive...).
- Bring a freaking mask -o-
- Ansonsten, COME AS YOU ARE. Good mood, bad mood, don't care: come and share a nice moment 🙂
So that's it.
OH I've been learning some new songs!
- Nose on the Grindstone (Childers)
- Rythm of the Night (CORONA)
- Cold little heart (Kiwanuka)
- Rythm of the night (CORONA)
- Songs für Liam (Kraftklub)
- Master Blaster (Stevie Wonder)
- Rythm of the night (CORONA)
- Maggie (Colin Hay)
- Rythm of the night (Nirvana)
- Wolken (Alin Coen) 
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