MITTWOCH, 28. SEPTEMBER 2022 VON 19:45 BIS 23:30


OKAY OKAY Autumn doesn't leave, it's just arriving. Ehr. Don't play with words.
Crazy people. SUMMER is OUT.
The Times they are ey changing.
BUTT the good times they arent behind us. Ey. SO we can still meet at our good Skipertrefff, have a beer or two, sing a song or two (or 30 for Nico and me..), and enjoy the indian summer (which is actually a term poorly chosen* to describe the most beautiful red-ish colours of the forests in the north american Canada).
And even get crazy and have a bath in the Weser..
So, sonst, the usual: Guillaume and Nico play the instruments, you sing the microphone, Jasper et Celine hold the bar and WE ALL ROCK THE CASBAH.
And here the TOTAL SONGLIST. Or Almost, because it's 2am right now and I need to go to bed.
Eeeeh ok some new songs:
- AUTUMN LEAVES in it's original french version "les feuilles mortes" (or, well, with lyrics to sing at all, otherwise you only have a 10-min-jazz-guitar-solo..)
- Jardin d'hiver (Keren Ann), as we get started with jazzy bossa nova with lassy french lyrics... please listen to that jewel!
So. Don't be La La Lame. Be like Lois! Come dance with us!
*(term badly chosen by the french. Of course, them again. blame the french). Avec ta robe longue, tu ressemblais à une acquarelle de Marie Laurencin.