OWLS im Skippertreff!

Singen beliebter Songs mit professioneller-                    musikalischer (live) Begleitung!

Once upon a time on the Werder-Insel... we were waltzing Matildas.
I was a lonely boy. Valerie, not really freed from desire, decided to take on me. "Can't take my eyes off of you", she said. Das war aber ein Kompliment.. Alors je décidai de la prendre comme elle vient.
An der Nordeeküste, à ton étoile, I said "are you gonna be my girl" she replied "as long as you love me".
I was atemlos...
And Feeling good.
On the sand beach, there was too much dust in the wind. So the brown eyed girl said "But honestly, it's too La Bohème here. I would come back in the summertime, but now it's a cold cold wind. J'veux du soleil! Let go in my place, in my place". She was Homesick. I said "Should we stay or should we go? In any case, I will follow you into the dark"...
So, we left. On the road again, we met Jolene and Michele, ma belle. We said "what`s up"? They replied "Let's walk on the wild side..."
Es war Wahnsinn. I just wanted a Quiet little place... We found a hotel. The "Hotel California"... The food was Toxic, the wine was Radioactive... This was not, the best wine in the world: this was just a Tribute. My stomach was Torn...
We left the godamn place. Wind of changes...
We ended Under the Bridge. Jolene looked like a Zombie... But she was Just a girl. Then she Stripped. She said "man must dance!!". What a wonderful world...
It was like New York avec toi.
With or without you, these adventures are great. But Still.
Wish you were here :)

We are glad to let Singers-Songwriters play some songs of theirs. Just contact us!
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