DJANGOWLS: The April Fooowls

MITTWOCH, 12. April 2023 AB 19:03 Uhr

Oh April, don't make me your fool.

May the rock'n'rOwls be with you.
Junebug skipping like a stone..
And yes we skipped March.
Because step right now, march, push.
And yes some of these are lyrics.
Name the songs HERE and I'll get you a beer! Seriously!!! No one wants free beer? Come get a free beer! Don't worry about it!
And look at that fresh poster. Yea nice and fresh innit? Not some old small mincey hasbeen poster ey?
Oh yasss, last time already we exploded the excesssssive number
of 400 SONGS in the songbook!
Come check dat out!

Ob btw do u know Kerry CumminSoon? Corean actor. Unbelievable.
In his film category at least.
So, appart from that, for those who don't know the concept:
we don't ONLY find nice titles and create massive pictures for our events,
WE ALSO ACTUALLY PLAY MUSIC and propose YOU to join us on stage
So yes, it's a Karaoké with real live musicians!
Singers/Songwriters of course immer wilkommen 🙂